Venturi air ejector

Eliminate explosive risk in negative pressure environments

NLM 346 Venturi
NLM 346 Venturi

For laboratories and GMP pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities working with high potent APIs, the Venturi Air Ejector is used alongside flexible containment units to achieve a safe negative pressure environment.

The Venturi is designed for use with hazardous substances, where you need to eliminate the risk of explosion and generate a cost effective vacuum.

It can be simply connected to new or existing flexible isolators, and uses just 5bar of compressed air to deliver a 50m3/hour vacuum flow. Using the balancing valve to achieve the air pressure you require, the Venturi then automatically maintains the internal pressure of the glove bag system.

Key Features

  • Easily retrofitted to existing flexible isolators
  • Uses just 5bar of compressed air
  • Simple deployment
  • Cost effective vacuum generation of 50m3/hour
  • Helps avoid cost of expensive fan system

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