Pressure alarm

Safety alarm system to protect operators and isolators

NLM 346 Pressure Alarm 1
NLM 346 Pressure Alarm 2
NLM 346 Pressure Alarm 1
NLM 346 Pressure Alarm 2

ONFAB's isolator pressure alarm reads and displays the pressure inside your isolator, alerting you via both a sound and light alarm if the pressure is either too high or has dropped too low.

Designed to integrate with any type of flexible isolator, the pressure alarm can be used alongside ONFAB’s range of fan control systems, helping to secure the integrity of the isolator and protect users.

The alarm is simple to use, with a clear read out and is also lightweight, making it easy to place and move.

Key Features

  • Controls both under and over pressure
  • Adjustable to your processing requirements
  • Clear pressure read out
  • Alarm uses both sound and light to draw attention
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Integrates with any flexible isolator

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