Fan set

Environmental conditioning units for isolators

NLM 346 Fanset 1
NLM 346 Fanset 2
NLM 346 Fanset 3
NLM 346 Fanset 1
NLM 346 Fanset 2
NLM 346 Fanset 3

Our range of air handling units are designed to increase containment performance for a wide range of isolators by precisely maintaining the pressure in the isolator. Your process can be used for containment or aseptic conditioning and will be suitable for handling HPAPIs when the fan set forms part of a wider ONFAB system, with necessary filtration.

With variable fan speeds and pressure gas regulation, air flows can be controlled automatically, and the fan set allows for multiple air changes to maintain and improve environmental conditioning in the isolator for prolonged periods of use. All the models in the range are easy to deploy and use.

Key Features

  • Range of models available with different fan sizes, single fan or hybrid for controlling nitrogen
  • Simple plug and play application
  • Multi-isolator functionality
  • Clear pressure read out
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to clean, pharmaceutical grade stainless steel

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