Drug discovery

Supporting CROs and CMOs in the development of new generation therapeutics

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The process of drug discovery is paramount in identifying and characterising molecules that have the the ability to safely modulate disease. The new Novel molecules normally have increase toxicity or un kown detrimental effects to humans. ONFAB isolator range can assist in the process of providing the levels of safety needed to support the growth and development of these new life saving treatments.

With strong competition and a dynamic regulatory environment, drug discovery organisations developing their laboratory facilities need to retain ultimate flexibility whilst complying with GLP or GMP standards. Premium quality equipment that will support high precision work and provide ultra-clean air environments is an essential part of the lab toolkit.

Drum Dispensing Isolator with Ezidock System OEB4

Clean air for CROs

We understand the requirements of Contract Research Organisations (CROs), often aiming to become or operating as spin-outs from universities or large pharma businesses. Research is mostly with product candidates at the pre-clinical to early clinical stages of drug development and might incorporate work with viral vectors, CAR-T cell therapies or gene expression assays.

However your facility is configured, from GMP cleanroom suites, to fill and finish suites or QC laboratories, we can provide bespoke positive pressure isolators, microbiological safety cabinets and fume cupboards for:

  • Tissue culture and cell engineering
  • Process R&D
  • QC chemistry and microbiology
  • Analytical services and clinical analysis

Our containment solutions meet the highest quality standards and offer ergonomic designs for user comfort and protection.

High containment for CMOs

For contract manufacturing organisations (CMOs) specialising in GMP manufacture and sterile fill-finish of vials for clinical trials or low volume commercial supply, we offer a wide range of containment solutions.

Our wide portfolio of isolators are designed to protect users and product when filling biological pharmaceutical products such as antibodies, proteins, peptides, DNAs, RNAs, ADCs and cytotoxic, cytostatic and high potent APIs.

What's more, despite the niche nature of many of these therapeutics, our solutions can support continuous as well as batch processing, as well as the rapid change out between high potent and non-potent compounds.

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