Guide to installing your flexible isolator

Training & manuals | 25th May 2021 | 10 mins read

If you have ordered and received your ONFAB flexible isolator, download our training manual which gives you full instructions on how to install, operate and maintain your equipment. This is a useful resource to keep as a reminder when you need to conduct routine maintenance, change glove bags or train a new member of staff.

Follow simple written steps, with pictorial guides, to explain:

  • General overview of how isolators work
  • Installation instructions
  • Bag on / bag off procedure
  • Removal of end caps
  • Clasp liner tie instructions
  • Fitting gloves
  • Fitting fan sets
  • Removal instructions

The manual also includes a handy set-up checklist to use when installing your equipment for the first time.

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Read the manual

Full instructions on installing, operating and maintaining your isolator in pdf format