Our process

ONFAB 007 Consultancy

1. Design

Our in-house design team use their years of knowledge and experience to generate bespoke, detailed equipment and facility design specifications.

As a recognised adviser on containment solutions throughout the pharmaceutical industry, we take time to understand your requirements, then combine them with industry compliance standards and our own insights to create recommendations on how best to contain your process.

Design ideas are brought to life with cutting-edge CAD technology, with a focus on user comfort and ergonomics, whilst maintaining required containment levels.

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2. Manufacture

Your approved designs are swiftly passed to our fabrication team, who make all our flexible isolators on site. As you'd expect, we work in ultra-clean, sterile conditions to maintain the integrity of your equipment.

Products are manufactured using heat and high frequency electronic welding techniques, providing a major advantage over competitors in this area. ONFAB’s computer aided manufacturing capability provides not only detailed designs but the accurate cutting of any specific shape – ensuring accuracy every time.

Every product manufactured by ONFAB must pass the rigorous internal standards of the premises’ testing and cleaning area, guaranteeing that industry benchmarks are surpassed.

  • We use a range of materials, including PVC, polyurethane (PU), polyethylene (PE), with FDA approved films where applicable
  • We form flexible films into various shapes and sizes, using a variety of fabrication techniques
  • We've invested in intricate tooling to aid the welding process and give us the ability to design, weld and fabricate any shape required
  • All ONFAB products are manufactured to ISO 9001 quality specifications
ONFAB 021 Manufacture

3. Installation

ONFAB’s first-class installation team provide an efficient service to clients around the world. Always responding to even the most challenging timelines, we pride ourselves on our ability to meet tight deadlines, often arriving on site within 48 hours.

We never sub-contract out our installations, so we can retain control of quality and lead times.

After your equipment has been installed, we provide high quality training on the safe set up, usage and decontamination of your containment system, to ensure that your team can comply with industry standards. We don't leave until they have the knowledge and confidence to carry out their own installation in future.

Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ) are available upon request, and ONFAB can also provide advice and support on containment performance, with validation.

ONFAB 057 Install