Envair partners

Envair often collaborates with other leading medical technology specialists to bring innovative solutions to our clients.

BD Cato™ Medication workflow solution

Pharm Assist with integrated BD Cato

Envair's range of isolators is now available with integrated BD Cato™ medication workflow solution. This cutting-edge technology standardises intravenous therapies prescription, compounding and administration processes such as order review, medication picking and dose preparation. In the aseptic unit, this improves medication safety, product quality, streamlines the pharmacy workflow and increases efficiency.

Going paperless: Next generation integrated isolators for pharmacy production processes

SmartCompounders Chemo

Smartcompounders Chemo LAF

Envair has partnered with SmartCompounders to offer the SmartCompounders Chemo automated solution for the preparation of personalised cytostatic medication to hospital pharmacies and compounding centres throughout the UK.

With the ability to install the system into your existing laminar airflow cabinetor isolator, pharmacy managers can quickly and easily increase your outputper compounding technician to 20-40 final product containers per hour,depending on dose complexity.

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